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Why are we Phat Time Fishing instead of Fat Time Fishing?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Simple Answer;

We're looking to give you a Phat Time Fishing!

Long Answer:

As long as I can remember Dad and I have been fishing fanatics. I grew up fishing Broome and when we moved to Perth my obsession only grew. We had a large dam in our backyard that we stocked with rainbow trout every winter. We lived in the Perth Hills so Dad and I needed something to quench out thirst for fishing.

Dad owns an Ex Kimberley boat called Mobyliscious (I'll refer to it as Moby for the remainder of the article). To this day I believe that Moby is the perfect boat. Moby is an Ocean Master 651 built in the Northern Territory. If you've never heard of them its because they've been out of production for years now and there's only a few left that are held on to for good reason. I digress, Dad and I often made the long run down to Freo or Rockingham to launch the boat for the day or a couple nights camping out together. The excitement we have for being out on the water is unmatched, I am yet to find someone else who is as obsessed with being on the water as I am. We always joked about how we are going out for a Fat time which over time became Phat Time because we thought it was just a little bit better than Fat.

I am grateful for all the time spent on the water dribbling endless garbage. Even though my fishing buddy is in Perth, I still get then opportunity to continue to have a Phat Time Fishing and showing all of you around my favourite Broome Fishing Spots.

Why are we Phat Time Fishing instead of Fat Time Fishing?

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